Jun is a fermented drink that is brewed with wildflower honey and green tea. Similar to kombucha but better for you, without the cane sugar and less caffeine.


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Honey brewed, herbal infused

Thought to have originated in Northern China and TIbet, Jun was reknowned as a spiritual and healing tonic. With it's recent resurgence, one thing is clear, if you love ferments, honey and green tea, you'll love Mother Culture Jun.

Made with local wildflower honey in place of cane sugar, the ingredients shine through. Through infusing homegrown herbal remedies into each batch of Jun, Mother Culture offers a delightful and nourishing beverage with complex flavor profiles that also have amazing healing properties.

Some of our small batches of seasonal infusions include: 

Nettle and Lemon Balm

Dandelion Reishi Ginger

Ashwaganda Damiana Hibiscus

Elderberry Thyme


Our Story

How can I best serve this world? It’s a question I desperately seek to answer and has guided my values throughout my entire life. Making honey Jun has unlocked something in me that I want to share. This healing tonic restores the connection between the gut and the mind to open the heart. Through suffering from severe allergies to gluten, corn, soy and dairy, i've come to the realization that food is power. The answer to all of our ailments is through  nurturing our connecting with food and revitalizing our place as stewards of the earth. My aim with Mother Culture Jun is to share my gifts and create a sustainably made healing tonic that anyone can enjoy and feel good about. I am honored and privileged to be surrounded by bee-keepers, gardeners, farmers, land stewards, and herbalists in my very own home. My gift is in bringing people together so that we can celebrate our mutualistic relationship with our food once again. 


Seasonal Jun Shares

Weekly Growler refill subscriptions

Spring (March - May)

Summer (June - August)

Fall (September - November)

Winter (December - January) 


Custom flavors available by request


Weekly share - $144 per season


 (Value of $12 for 64 ounces)

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