My name is Tuula. I am the Founder, producer, marketer, sales rep, designer, distributor, small herb farmer and brew master for Mother Culture Jun. While studying herbal medicine at Sunnyside Herb School, a friend gave me a life changing scoby - this was the beginning of Mother Culture Jun.  After some experimenting, I realized my home remedies combined with Jun created an exceptionally delicious beverage that also improved my health and increased my happiness.



Before Mother Culture, I was a world-traveler and permaculture farm worker, in love with food and adventure. This path was probably influenced by my upbringing in Maui, HI, where I was raised with aloha spirit, good waves and an immense appreciation for the natural world.


I studied international relations and not-for-profit management, which led me to organizing grassroots movements and working for non-profits that focused on building local food systems. Eventually, I was called to start my own business to contribute to the local economy in my own creative way and share this healing beverage with my community. Thank you for supporting Mother Culture Jun. Your love is deeply appreciated.