Throughout my life, this question has shaped my values and the majority of the decisions I've made. Most of my young professional life has been spent working for nonprofits in local food access programs and for small farmers. When I started studying Herbal Medicine and making honey Jun, I felt compelled to share my powerful tonics with my community.

In the beginning of starting my business, I worked part-time on a farm to pay the bills. I got help from SBDC and received a small loan from Community Lending Works and started renting a shared kitchen space with Nourishing Kitchens to keep the start up cost down.

"How can I best serve this world?"



Making honey Jun has unlocked something in me that I want to share. This healing tonic restores the connection between the gut and the mind to open the heart.  

I am honored and privileged to be surrounded by bee-keepers, gardeners, farmers, land stewards, and herbalists in my very own home. My gift is in bringing people together so that we can celebrate our mutualistic relationship with our food once again.